These songs are a collaboration with the spirit of John Lennon.

NYU in 1987, a couple of friends and I met and spent time with the spirit of John Lennon over a period of a month. An unusual, experimental and warm friendship developed.

In 1991 John and I reconnected and began a musical collaboration that lasted until year 2000 and produced eleven songs.

This is not a John Lennon album. This is the album of our communication. Spirit is real. As real as love. Here, we hope you enjoy the music!

Peace, Rebecca

Photography by Marc Olivier LeBlanc

Photography by Marc Olivier LeBlanc


Peace Flyer  Rebecca Blasband
We are all TARGETS.png

Thought has no boundary,
No walls or steel nor flesh or stone. 
The sky is the limit.
I have learned there is great benevolence on this beautiful, blue planet.
That we are spirit,
And we create our world in every living second.
Although we may suffer misfortune and pain,
We are not alone.
It can be overcome.
There is always a way.
And it starts with,

Written together in 2000


Born and raised in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Rebecca Blasband grew up in a lively, educated family of scientists and artists. In 1985, Rebecca attended NYU, Tisch School of the Arts for film and studied theater for three years with David Mamet, William H. Macy and The Atlantic Theater Company at its inception. During this time, Rebecca began writing and performing her original songs in the vibrant downtown music scene, partnering with Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne, Ivy, That Thing You Do).  Her first demo, produced by Schlesinger, caught the interest of MTV/Bunim-Murray producers who cast her among six others in their first season of The Real World, NY, 1992.  This “documentary series” sparked the Reality Television genre, reached 55 million households worldwide and re-ran for ten years.  Following this, Rebecca signed with Warner Chappell Music Publishing and Mercury Records.  She toured solo acoustic opening for Squeeze and Aimee Mann on their East Coast tour, and opened for artists such as Matchbox 20, Chris Whitley and Jon Bon Jovi.  She participated in Miles Copeland’s two week long “Troubadour’s Songwriting Retreat” at Chateau Marrouatte, along with Cher, Zucchero, Chris Difford, and eighteen other artists and songwriters.  

In 1997 Rebecca released her CD album, “RAPT” with a full band, produced by Warren Bruleigh (Lou Reed, Violent Femmes) and Gordon Gano on electric guitars. RAPT was well received by press, college radio, AAA and Modern Rock. In 2000, after Mercury Records dissolved, Rebecca produced sound design and music for television and film, in Santa Monica and Venice, CA.  She briefly returned to her screenwriting roots, leading her to collaborate with Academy Award nominated producer, Antonin Svoboda on his feature narrative film, “The Strange Case of Wilhelm Reich” released in 2013. In 2015, Rebecca attended the Chris Difford/Buddy Holly Foundation songwriting retreat at Pennard House, Somerset, England. She lived in London and Southern France from 2015 until 2017, when she returned to the States to record “HERE” with Danny Uzilevsky producing at the helm, at his studio, Allegiant Records, in San Anselmo, California. The album was completed and mastered in May 2018 with a release scheduled for the 16th of November.